The Best Air Mattress 2023

It is no secret to anyone that traditional mattresses are usually very expensive and very few can afford to have mattresses to spare for visits. Luckily there is a variety of cheap air mattresses that you can use with your visits and in our article we will help you choose the best option.

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Also, if you are one of those who love to go camping, you will know how uncomfortable it is to have to sleep on a mat. So, if you have decided to buy an air mattress and you do not know which is the best on the market, in our website you will find alternatives of cheap and good quality inflatable mattresses.

However, before deciding on one, it is important that you take into account where you are going to use it, either outdoors when camping or sleeping every day. In the same way, aspects such as impermeability, comfort, price and resistance must be taken into account.

Are you going camping and want to rest like at home? I invite you to buy one of the best air beds that you can find in the following list. Remember, these types of beds have evolved a lot. Today they are much more resistant and durable, making them a great option to enjoy a good rest.

How to choose the best air mattress?

When buying an air mattress it is important to keep in mind some determining aspects, such as size, price, characteristics, design, time of use, ease of transfer, etc. Since, these points are very important to making a good purchase and thus knowing which the best air mattress is for you.

Having the best air bed is essential in order to rest properly. Something that will completely affect our daily performance. On the other hand, if you are traveling, a good option would be the camper mattress, floor mattress or a mattress for a van. In this sense, we will show you the things you should consider before buying an air mattress.

Our Top Air Mattresses 2023

Tips for buying an air bed

Now that you know the best air beds, I am going to show you a series of tips so that you can buy a quality mattress and thus have the security of being able to enjoy a good rest.

Knowing the size of the air bed is very important, whether you are a tall or short person. It is also important to know the measurements whether you are going to use it individually or as a couple. Of course, keep in mind that the smaller it is the lower the weight. The weight should be taken into account especially if you are going to have to carry the bed for a long time, that is, if you are going to go hiking with it tucked in your backpack.

The height of the bed is also important. Keep in mind that comfort is not going to be achieved by the height of the bed, but by the amount of air that is inside. That is why high beds are usually more comfortable, but this is not always the case.

Materials are also very important. To give you the idea, many of the air mattresses that you will find in the market are made of flexible plastic, but you will also find other models with more comfortable materials. For example, if you are looking for a comfortable bed, it may be interesting that it has a special plush. This way the sensation will be much more pleasant and you will be able to fall asleep better. Of course, do not forget that if your bed does not have this plush, you always have the option of putting a sheet so as not to have direct contact with the plastic.

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The inflation system of the air mattress is something that you must pay attention to. There are some models that inflate through a manual system, but I personally do not recommend it because it will cost you a lot to inflate it. Other models inflate through a built-in inflator and others through an external inflator. If the model you buy has this type of inflation, I recommend that it works through an electric pump, especially if the bed is quite large. Do not forget that the bed must be perfectly inflated so that the bed is as comfortable as possible and does not sink into the mattress.

The design can be another point that allows you to decide on one option or another, although this point is not really one of the most important. And remember, if you want to buy a cheap air bed, make the purchase online, without forgetting the models that I recommend in the list above.

Characteristics of the Air Mattresses


Since we can find some higher than others, it is important to know that, the thicker or further it is from the floor, the more comfort it will offer and although this is not a strict rule, most users prefer air mattresses that have a height similar to a regular bed.

However, high-rise air beds (30 or 40 cm) are usually much more difficult to store both inflated and deflated, since they take up a lot of space. So if you have a small space, you can choose a medium height.


This will depend on the number of people who are going to use it, their weight, whether it is for travel and the space available in each room.

Regular measurements are Single, Double, Queen, or King size for frequent indoor use. While to take to the campsite, they can be single or double.

Now, when it comes to giving it an occasional use to receive visitors, it is best to choose the Queen or King size if they are very numerous, but you should have a large space available.

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Pump and ease of inflation

For many, inflating an air beds can be a very tedious task, so if the intention is to have greater comfort, it is worth looking at air mattresses that have automatic inflation or, failing that, an electric or manual pump.
In the case of mattresses for camping, they can opt for the battery pump or if they want a complete survival experience, a foot pumps.

Air retention

It is a key point that we must not forget, and that will ensure a quality purchase. If what you want is to sleep without worrying about ending up on the floor at the beginning of the day, then you must pay attention to the air retention capacity.

Regardless of whether it is an air mattress to sleep every day or to take camping, the air retention capacity will be determined by the manufacturing materials of the mattress; therefore, you should opt for vinyl, polyester and PVC. Similarly, when buying the mattress you can test it to see if the air escapes.


You ask yourself, what does that has to do with buying a mattress? Simple! More than one person has had an accident with their pet and the air mattress because its claws have punctured it.

So, so that the same does not happen to you, make sure that the mattress has puncture protection and that the manufacturing materials are resistant and without toxic products.

Additional accessories

As are the basic air mattresses, we can also find some with additional features, such as cushions, pillows or raised edges. Which not only help improves body posture, but also prevents accidents when you have small children at home. In addition, they are much more practical to use, but their price is usually higher.


Buy quality and price air mattress is possible; however, it is important not to make false expectations with it. Not always because something is more expensive, does it mean that it is of good quality and the same happens on the opposite.

So, it must be taken into account that the size and quality of the materials will directly influence the value of the mattress. But in simple terms, a standard-size, high-quality air bed can cost between $80 and $100, while a low or medium quality one can cost between $30 and $60.

The price to pay will depend on your needs; the ideal is that if it is an air mattress to sleep every day, it is invested in quality.

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What materials are used to make the air mattresses?

These useful extra air beds provide great comfort to people who use them while they sleep, precisely because the materials used by their manufacturers for design and manufacture can provide users with maximum comfort.

The main materials are:


The process consists of using fibers on the deck to obtain an extra smooth surface. Certain models of air mattresses use this material to provide a texture and feel very similar to velvet.

The main function of this flocked material is to provide greater rest and better hygiene, but it is necessary to remember that it is best to use sheets on the air mattress.

High strength vinyl

Most air bed is made from this durable material, offering us sensational strength and flexibility, allowing them to be inflated and deflated as many times as necessary. It has the same elasticity as traditional PVC plastic.


Depending on the model, they can be combined with a special material reinforced with polyester fibers, so that the surface has greater flexibility and its internal structure offers greater stability.

The best brands with their Premium double-height air mattresses use this material, with high-density polyester fibers that achieves spectacular upper part firmness.

How to clean and maintain an air bed?
In the end we are talking about an extra piece of furniture, for our air bed to have a long useful life, it must be properly maintained and cleaned. It is not complicated at all, on the contrary, it can be cleaned easily and quickly, but it must be cleaned very carefully.

First, make sure the pump is unplugged, with no sheets and no sharp or cutting items nearby. With the help of a handheld vacuum cleaner, possible dirt can be sucked up, especially on top. Then clean the entire surface with a cloth dampened in soap, let it dry for a few hours, then fold it up and put it back in its bag.

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Can I sleep on an air mattress every night?

This type of mattress is not designed for daily use, because if you sleep on the mattress every night it can cause certain problems for you and whoever sleeps. On the one hand, it can affect its durability, thus shortening its useful life and on the other hand, the user may begin to feel pain in the spine, since its firmness can vary, as it is airy, something not advisable to sleep many nights.

It is an article for improvised situations, nothing happens to use it for a few nights in a row, even two weeks of vacation in a campsite, but at the end of the year you are always in your usual bed, the most fundamental thing.

How to repair a punctured air mattress?

In general, when the mattress loses air, it is because it has a crack somewhere, so do not panic because it has a solution and can be fixed. If you need to have a puncture repair kit, some models include it, but you can also buy it separately, which you should take with you wherever you are.

This little rescue set is very cheap and contains some really useful things, including:

Special glue

To start the repair procedure, the first thing to do is find the location of the leak; it is somewhat tedious if the inflatable mattress is large, but there is no other way.

Once found, we will sand around the hole very gently, once finished, the affected area should be cleaned with clean water and a little soap to remove any dust or any residue that may remain.

When done, wipe it dry with a clean cloth and be very careful, you need to cut the patch to make sure it is larger than the hole where the air is escaping from the mattress.

To apply the patch, it is only necessary to follow the instructions depending on the type of patch, some already have adhesive glue on their base, and others the glue comes separately, so it only remains to place the patch with glue very carefully and you will have an air bed for a few more years.

How many kilos does an air mattress support?

Depending on the model and the manufacturing materials, an air mattress can support from 100 kg to 300 kg. It translates into two things, that one or two people can use it without problem, especially in matrimonial models, and also that It has a longer useful life, since the resistance is linked to a lower wear of the materials.

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Air mattresses for houses and interiors

Here I show you the best options to have extra beds in your house or flat. These indoor air mattresses will adjust to that free space you have to be able to put a bed for your friends or family in minutes. Having an inflatable mattress at home stored in the closet will always be useful and practical for any improvised situation.

Buying an air bed for your house or flat is one of the best things you can do, since you will always have an extra bed for one or two people assembled in minutes. Sleeping on the sofa is over, with these mattresses you will have an exceptional alternative for when friends and family stay at home to sleep. You have mattresses of all sizes, so you can select the one that best suits you and your home.

Most mattresses integrate an electric inflator so that in less than five minutes you have it inflated.

Other categories of inflatable mattresses: